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This morning sun, rising from Lake Ontario, was captured on film by
MORNING LIGHT MINISTRY co-founder, Bernadette Zambri.
After the death of her own baby, she experienced many "dark nights". These
awe-inspiring sunrises, seen from her home in Port Credit, Ontario, gave her
hope that Christ's Morning Light was indeed present in her life.

The webdesigner for this website is Michele, Mommy of Gabriela Lael who died in 1999.
Michele shares Gabriela's story in the HOPE IN TURMOIL booklet mentioned on this
website. You can also find Gabriela Lael's memorial website address in her story.

You can contact Gabriela Lael's Mommy -  Michele through MORNING LIGHT MINISTRY if you
are interested in her building your website. Fees are negotiable.

If you are interested in visiting the website of
St. Mary Star Of The Sea Church
where MORNING LIGHT MINISTRY is based their address is


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