�Whoever welcomes this child in My name, welcomes the One who sent Me. For he who is least among you all is the greatest.�
Luke 9:48

�I have told you this so that you might have peace in Me. In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.�
John 16:33

Morning Light Ministry offers to parents carrying their baby to term with a difficult prenatal diagnosis (at no cost to the parent) the following:
  1. HOPE IN TURMOIL mini-book (free download or print version available)
  2. Special prayers of blessing for your child in the womb that you can pray daily with your family or as an individual
  3. Specific suggestions for a detailed birth plan for your baby to discuss with your doctor before your child comes to term. You can decide what you would like the medical staff to do or not to do. You can decide what to include in the sacred time after your baby is born, whether your child has survived or not.
  4. Telephone support
  5. Email support

Please contact MORNING LIGHT MINISTRY for information and support to carry your
baby to full-term: mlmhopeinturmoil@rogers.com

The HOPE IN TURMOIL book has been revised and updated and is available as a free download. The title has been slightly revised to "HOPE IN TURMOIL: A Guide For Decision-Making After Receiving A Difficult Prenatal Diagnosis Regarding Your Baby". The HOPE IN TURMOIL book is also in print form. Please contact us at mlmhopeinturmoil@rogers.com to
purchase a book.


By Bernadette Zambri (Revised & Updated 2014)

Dear Parent In Turmoil
It is my hope that this resource will be given to you at the time when you receive the difficult prenatal diagnosis regarding your baby.

It is also my hope that in your confusion, your fear, your feeling of helplessness, you will know that there are people out there who care deeply about you, your spouse, your baby, your other children. The people in HOPE IN TURMOIL have been there..

Choosing to carry your baby to term despite a difficult diagnosis is a decision that can lead to a very positive and healthy experience for you, your spouse and your family. To understand how this journey of carrying your baby to term can be a positive journey please read the many stories of parents who have lived that journey with their babies. Here is a link to one family's story of being in turmoil, but who, with a different perspective, turned the situation into an enjoyment of the gift of their baby's life. They built a relationship with their baby in the womb in many ways. [Please see the Resource Section for other suggested videos].

Please read this resource and search out the groups/organizations listed for information and support. If your baby has been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition, please contact Morning Light Ministry (See Resource List) before the birth of your precious

We can offer you support in addition to the other groups mentioned in the Resource List.
Sometimes all you may need is a listening heart.
There is Hope In Turmoil

With warm regards,
Bernadette Zambri

Excellent booklet! Hope in Turmoil is a comforting and compassionate sharing of personal stories and resources to help parents through very difficult times. The photos of the babies and children are wonderful. Great listing of resources. I have lost two babies to miscarriage and I have a daughter who was prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome. I wish I had had a booklet such as this in my hours of turmoil. I craved stories from other mothers who had experienced something similar. The
stories of loss and of hope washed over me like an embrace from loving sisters.
Thank you! - T.D.
(Mother of daughter prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome.)

How wonderful that there now exists an exciting new resource for parents, grandparents, siblings, and professionals called Hope in Turmoil that shares how to care for patients and families with an adverse prenatal diagnosis! As one of the pioneers of Perinatal Hospice, I attest that this booklet provides much needed information on practical aspects of assistance to families in need of support. Families with life limiting condition or special needs share their experiences, their frustrations, and most of all, their joys. This booklet puts to rest the myths regarding early inductions for fatal anomalies and children with significant special needs. The powerful message of Hope in Turmoil gives parents the courage to just be parents to their very special children. It is a necessary resource for families, pastors, priests, rabbis, families, medical professionals who deal with
obstetrical patients, and hospice programs. It carries my unreserved endorsement!
Dr. Byron Calhoun MD, FACOG, FACS, MBA

Morning Light Ministry provides this resource that helps anxious parents to cope with difficult or tragic prenatal diagnoses. This guide gives the personal accounts of many families who have lived through the anxiety, pain and suffering that a difficult diagnosis brings or the grief that accompanies the death of a child before or shortly after birth. In this guide, parents can see a reflection of their own circumstance. They will also see the joy and gift that their children who suffer from serious or terminal conditions bring into their families despite their physical limitations or their tragically short time together. This guide helps by providing a list of available resources that parents can access including existing agencies and sources of support. With the Hope in Turmoil Guide, parents will find the strength and encouragement they need as they welcome and love the child to whom with Gods grace they gave the gift of life. It truly does provide hope in difficult times.
+Terrence Prendergast, S.J.
Archbishop of Ottawa
April 27, 2014

All who seek to serve, protect and honour the youngest and most vulnerable members of our human family owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Bernadette Zambri and Morning Light Ministry.

The recently revised Hope in Turmoil is an invaluable resource and companion for distraught parents who have experienced a difficult prenatal diagnosis. This unique resource offers mothers and fathers true compassion, real encouragement and most importantly, the hope that love will prevail, even in times of greatest heartache and turmoil. Hope in Turmoil is a courageous and faithful witness to the Church's clear teaching that prohibits direct abortion or any choice which discriminates against and denies the right to life of any of Gods children, no matter how weak or compromised they may be or how short their precious life might be."
Dr. Patricia Murphy
Assistant Professor of Moral Theology, St. Augustine's Seminary
Toronto, Canada

This book is invaluable. It confronts readers with congenital defects our society prefers to cover up. It describes the anguish of parents-to-be whom a diagnosis has shocked. It provides genuine comfort and help through the testimonies of parents who carried their child and were able to rejoice in the life, however brief, of their little one. Above all, it reminds a throwaway society that everyone, not merely the winners, is created in the image of God and therefore should be cherished.
The Reverend, Dr. Victor Shepherd, Professor
Tyndale University College & Seminary, Toronto

Please be advised that the medical community may use the following terms for
Medical termination
Interruption of pregnancy
Early induction of labor (labour)
Genetic termination

For Catholic Church teaching on pregnancy termination in regards to a difficult prenatal diagnosis of a baby


We heard about MORNING LIGHT MINISTRY from our midwife in 1998 who left the
MORNING LIGHT MINISTRY brochure with us at the most traumatic time in our lives after an adverse prenatal diagnosis. At the time I put the brochure away thinking-I'm not going to need a group like this! It was in thinking back, a coping mechanism hoping all would be alright! At this point you are going through many emotions. You are going through the grieving process even before your baby is born and still you are desperately hoping all will be well. Since that time I've read the HOPE IN TURMOIL booklet. I would have appreciated having it available to me at the time because I was desperately wanting to hear other stories of how people coped who brought their babies to term with a fatal condition. J., Ontario, Canada

We found MORNING LIGHT MINISTRY to be tremendously helpful to us once we received the fatal diagnosis for the baby I was carrying. With the help of MORNING LIGHT MINISTRY we were able to prepare for the birth and death of our son in almost every way. From the HOPE IN TURMOIL booklet we were able to be reassured by other families stories and connect with a family through a resource group listed in the booklet whose baby had exactly the same fatal condition as our son. We were, on a practical level, able to make the necessary arrangements regarding his birth (Baptism, having pictures taken, handprints & footprints, holding and talking to our son) and death (funeral and burial arrangements etc.). On a spiritual level we were encouraged to pray and trust that the Lord did not do this to our son, but that the Lord has a unique plan for all of us.
The ongoing telephone support and the written resources available to us helped make our baby's birth and death the most positive experience possible, in that we were able to prepare (as much as we were able) for his birth and death, and we are very much at peace with our decisions with the help of MORNING LIGHT MINISTRY. We are grateful toMORNING LIGHT MINISTRY for being there for us through such a difficult trial.
P. & M., Ontario, Canada

Carrying a sick child to term is not an easy journey, but parents in this situation need to know the beauty there is in life, no matter how brief, and the joy and peace from making the decision to continue the pregnancy. The parents can only know this through the positive experiences of those who have walked this path. Reading HOPE IN TURMOIL gives the parents this opportunity. As a Catholic ministry, MORNING LIGHT MINISTRY offered comfort we could not find anywhere else. The affirmation and support for our child's precious life (that we also received from our priest), the understanding and compassion of a parent who had survived the loss of a child were together in one ministry. For us, it was the perfect support.
J. & D., Ontario, Canada


"The HOPE IN TURMOIL book has been revised and updated and is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD for parents who have received a challenging prenatal diagnosis.. The title has been slightly revised to "HOPE IN TURMOIL: A Guide For Decision-Making After Receiving A Difficult Prenatal Diagnosis Regarding Your Baby". The HOPE IN TURMOIL book is also in print form. Please contact us at mlmhopeinturmoil@rogers.com for parents to receive a free book."
We ask that all others please consider purchasing a HOPE IN TURMOIL book to help defray the cost of producing this non-profit book in order to help even more parents who have received a challenging prenatal diagnosis regarding their baby. Your purchase would be much appreciated!

The following group will support you in your decision to bring you baby to term with a difficult prenatal diagnosis:
Be Not Afraid (BNA) provides comprehensive, practical, and peer-based support to parents experiencing a prenatal diagnosis and carrying to term. For information,visit www.benotafraid.net

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